Don't Fence Me In

by Squirt Gun Warriors

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Squirt Gun Warriors is:

Mike Crapanzano
Aidan Dykes
Chris Bryant
Nick Lauve


released January 25, 2014

All music and lyrics by Squirt Gun Warriors
Produced and engineered by Adam Carrillo and Squirt Gun Warriors at the Dizzy Records in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mixed and Mastered by James Whitten

Mike Crapanzano - Vocals, Bass, Keys, Guitar
Aidan Dykes - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Chris Bryant - Drums, Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals
** Nick Lauve group vocals on track 3
** Josh Bourgeois trombone on tracks 4 and 7
** Garrett Corripio trumpet on track 7
** Melissa Heemskerk tenor saxophone on track 7


all rights reserved



Squirt Gun Warriors Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Squirt Gun Warriors is a band out of Baton Rouge, LA. Find us on facebook if ya wanna.

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Track Name: Front Runner
Look at me my feet are buried down beneath the street
‘Cause I’m no front runner, yea I’m falling behind
And I tried to stop and catch my breath
But I got pushed aside
Jokes on me and I heard it while I was asleep
I’ve been sleep running, I’m running all the time
And I just wanna run my life on the side

And tend to it in my free time

Hide and seek, it isn’t fun when they’re chasing me
Like I’m some front runner, oh not this time
I’m just an underdog kid
Running from behind
Caged and free, it’s like a bullet straight to my knees
I’m slow and unsteady, I can’t move ‘cause I’m not ready
And I can’t hear anything without forgetting

I shot just below expectations
But I’m dying death by information
I could use something like a vacation
I’ve been craving less hesitation
Track Name: Mary Jane
Mary Jane, I can see through your ego and your shirt
All away, throw it all away if you’ve got the nerve
Well they say we’re not the same
But I hadn’t heard
Mary Jane, I know how hard you’ve had to try
Just today, free your smile from the strains of your new life
Well we’ll be the same
My Mary Jane

I wanna know you, I wanna know
And I hope it shows you
I hope that it shows
Go ahead and tell me that we’re not the same
Go ahead and tell me Mary

Fit the bill, go ahead dress any way you like
Dress to kill, raise all our eyebrows to the sky
Cover your ears and eyes
You’re out of sight
Figured out, they thought they knew all the things you like
Not a doubt, that tomorrow you’ll have a brand new life
Well I may be wrong
I may be right
Track Name: Breadwinner Homemaker
I’m feeling hateful, like my time’s been wasted
I’m feeling hateful
And time, it’s been a changin’
There’s no mistakin’
We couldn’t fake it

Breadwinner, homemaker
Draft dodger, risk taker

You, you’re devastated
And we’re tired of waitin’
You’re devestated
Track Name: Look Out Below
Who am I again?
I’m listening still
So I’m packing up my bags and stuff
Aiming my way to the top
No nobody gonna bring me down
Tired of seeing this same ole town
Tired of the people I’m hanging around
Tired of being the one looking up

So look out below

Every day it’s something new
But they all want to keep me locked up
Talking endless possibilities like a brand new day
Not liking my attitude but it’s here to stay
I’ve said it before I’ll say it again
Don’t cut me off don’t fence me in
Track Name: Lies on Top of Lies
So if you got something to say it’s best to keep it inside right?
And if you stand by yesterday, but it turns out that you weren’t right
But you were able to cover with lies on top of lies on top of lies
I can’t that believe I’m surprised
All the times you lied right in front of my face

Right in front of my face

If it’s eating you inside, you better not try to fight it
If you’re trapped but still alive, ‘cause it turned out that you weren’t right
But you were able to cover
Track Name: I Know it Will
Checked out one hour in
Let myself down again
I close my eyes and ignore the sting
I tried to take the load
But I got no self control
I can't make myself do anything
Except to throw my life away
Find a place that I can stay
With my head above the clouds
Pretend everything will never be ok

But I know it will

Tell me what you want to hear
We've grown so close
Tell me all of your worst fears
I'm dying to know
Bring me to the earth get my feet on the ground again
Get me back with all my old best friends
I'll fight you and say that I've thrown it all away
And I'll pretend everything will never be ok
Track Name: Trash Can
His name is Trash Can
And he told me not to call him anything else
And my god if you can’t laugh at yourself
So he might as well
But I’m not ready to start laughing yet myself
He played his song for me
And he stomped his boots straight into the mud
And he fell onto his knees coughing up blood
Just like he said he would
And we smiled ‘cause his word meant more than it should

It’s Trash Can, my man
Living underneath a bridge all by himself
He don’t need nobody else
‘Cause it’s Trash Can by himself
Trash Can, my man
Looking out for his fix but not for himself
He don’t need nobody else
‘Cause it’s Trash Can by himself

My stomach turned
As I read the words that flashed across the screen
It was Trash Can’s own obituary
He was made to bleed
And nobody cares about his memory
Track Name: Do What I Do
Come closer my dear
Let me whisper in your ear
All the things I don’t believe that I used to
‘Cause lately I’ve been runnin’ round in circles
Trying to do what I do
But I never follow through

And we’ve turned into a curse
And I’m destined for the worst
And I’m doing the best I can
That’s nothing new
‘Cause no matter how hard it gets
We can do like we used to

I did what I do do do do do do do do
And so did you
Track Name: Malleable Brain
You ever stop and think
Just why do you feel the way that you do
And how much is true
Of the things you have come to believe
And what’s in your head
And who put it there

‘Cause you got a malleable brain

Who you gonna listen to
When the politicians come for you
It’s all or nothing better choose a side
Its black, white, right, or wrong make up your mind

You ever think that when they come that we should just say no

Well my buddy told me that he thought he had it all figured out
But I had it figured out before the words ever came out of his mouth
And I feel so much worse than I felt yesterday
We’re too easy manipulated in too many ways
My thoughts come and go
What I thought and what I know
So when I’m running out of steam
I just smile and repeat
Track Name: Weather
I can feel it in the weather
I feel so much better
I can feel it in the weather
I can feel it all around me
I’m sure I can feel it all around

When I first looked in the mirror
I didn’t know any better
When I first looked in the mirror
I thought I’d stay that way forever

But now I just follow the breeze
And do all the things that matter to me
That matter to me

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