To The North!

by Squirt Gun Warriors

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This is a record we recorded ourselves in March of 2011 and released in April of 2011.


released April 29, 2011

Squirt Gun Warriors is:

Mike Crap – Vox/Trumpet
Johnny B. Balance – Vox/Synth/Keys
AP Dykes – Guitar/Vox
Nick Dr. Lauve – Bass/Screams
Chris Bryant – Drums

** Josh Bourgeois played Trombone tracks: 2, 4, and 5.
** All tracks recorded/mixed/produced by Squirt Gun Warriors at Uptown Studios, Baton Rouge
** All tracks mastered by Adam Carillo at the Dizzy Records, Baton Rouge



all rights reserved


Squirt Gun Warriors Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Squirt Gun Warriors is a band out of Baton Rouge, LA. Find us on facebook if ya wanna.

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Track Name: Trust Me I'm a Doctor
I’m just taking life as it comes to me, and trying a little bit of everything and
That’s alright with me
I can’t sit still with excitement with I think about the time left and
All the people we’ll meet

I have a problem having doubt but at least I admit it
But I will never back down don’t you fucking forget it

Now’s my chance to prove myself; I’ll be super heart felt and
All my friends as well
If we just take life as it comes to us, and don’t make a fuss and
Don’t let our minds get stuck

Why do you get so mad over all the little things in life?
Just take a deep breath. Everthing's all right!
A meltdown never solved anything

It’s been a long 2 weeks but
I swear we played our fucking hearts out
‘Cause it wasn’t ‘till we played a cover song
That the ska revival kids finally came inside
… The irony
But even so, man, you have to admit
We had a blast and we put up with it
We met the coolest kids every day
We smile and wink and go on our way
Track Name: Push Through
Outside, in the cold.
I have no jacket and I’m standing all alone.
As they tell me I’ll freeze, it begins to snow.
But that’s alright, because I like the cold

Like the best kind of movie you can’t understand
My mind is left stuck in a jacketless land
It’s like, even though I know all the people to blame
It’s become so damn hard to wipe this smile off my face
Push Through – that’s what I do when things get real tough
Because the more you learn the more frustrated you’ll be
And you could complain too or you could just – Push Through

The same complaints are still around
But it’s only gonna snow harder and pile up on the ground
We love to complain and we do it so well
But no one cares enough to make it happen all for themselves

Today, do something benefits someone else
Today, do something for someone other than yourself
Today, think twice before you jump to conclusions
Today, and every day’s the only real solution

We know better than to get our heads down or
To read too far into all our doubt because
We’re all optimists and we make it work
We’re too stuck on the little things
Like our dumb ass jokes and our brand new friends
And I know…
Track Name: If You Don't Know
It was a Friday night, the beginning of a kickass weekend
I sped across the city to hang out with all of my closest friends
We weren’t even a little tipsy but my luck was on it’s last ride
When I lost control into a ditch and flipped the car over on it’s side
I heard the sirens ring as I made my way out of the car
The music continued to play as I stared in shock at the stars
Throw my hands up in the air “Chunga Wunga, we’re still alive”
I’ll take a broken car over creating my own demise

Got no cares, just born to survive
The policemen looked around, he shrugged his shoulders, and rolled his eyes
He looked at me and said, “If you don’t know by know you better find out”

It’s the weekend of the drama production
Hanging out in dark closets, and hanging in the back of cars
Can’t focus on misfortunes when you’re young and your money’s spent
Can’t focus on misfortunes like a near death experience
Track Name: Coolest Kids Around
Windows down, we’re just having fun. ‘Cause we’re the coolest kids around.
No need to freak out, I got nowhere to be. I’m gonna take you downtown.

If it’s downtown or out of town or Perkin’s Rowe
It doesn’t matter when you’re young and in the middle
Like maybe there’s a party going on and everyone is smoking hard
But man honestly, is that really where you want to be

They come out at night, we come out when we like. ‘Cause we got so much left to try.
Weekends full of sound, we built the scene from the ground. And we’ll make sure it stays around.

Happy to be alive, you’re always smiling and you never have to lie.
Yea with you everything is always alright.
I’m having the time of my life killing time.
But sometimes the sun don’t shine, and we get blinded by the rain in our eyes.
So we make a slip n slide.
And dive straight into life
Track Name: Erin's Runaway Imagination